Hart Design Centre Entry Door Systems

Lower heating costs with a touch of Elegance

Most of us do not realize that entry door systems are the most energy in-efficient opening in your home. Off the rack retail door systems are not going to perform to the standards of a custom, factory-made door entry system.


Buy direct from the entry door manufacturer.

Hart Design Centre manufacture their own door systems to ensure the absolute best quality and that it will perform to its maximum energy efficiency for years to come.


Steel or Fiberglass Doors?

Hart Design Centre uses the best quality 24 gauge steel doors, which are manufactured in Canada, to the highest standards. Our steel doors are Energy Star approved and are available in a pre-painted white polytex finish or they can be custom painted to create a unique look for the exterior and interior of your home.


We only use premium fiberglass doors which can be painted or stained to look like real solid wood doors, but offering superior performance in energy efficiency and durability.



We carry decorative glass from all the leading manufacturers: